Have you ever thought that the tea you are served is especially delicious, while the tea you brew yourself is somehow lacking in flavor? For those of you who have never had the opportunity to learn how to brew a proper cup of green tea, let us help you become a master tea-maker yourself. Here are some useful tips you can start using today!

Casual Tea Drinking

Of course there is a lot of history and ceremony related to Japanese tea culture, but drinking Ujicha need not be a complicated endeavor. When in doubt, use a large earthenware teapot and piping hot water for basic bittersweet tea with a fragrant bouquet.


Shallow submersion of the tea leaves can result in weak tea.

2. Use roughly 1 tablespoon of tea for each person.

If you are making tea for three people, use 3 tablespoons.

Using Cups to Measure Water

Measure the amount of water using your cup (a teabowl or mug, etc.) and pour it into the teapot. Don’t worry about cooling the water. (Use three cups of water to make tea for 3 people.)

4. Wait about 15 seconds

After about 15 seconds, the leaves will start to loosen up. Pour a small amount into each cup and repeat until the teapot is completely empty. Peak inside the teapot afterwards to inspect the tea leaves. If they have opened completely, you probably let the tea steep too long and it may be bitter.

When the tea leaves begin to loosen up, it is time to pour the tea.

Completely opened tea leaves make for bitter tea.

Advice for a Basic and Beautiful Tea Experience

  • 1. Pay attention to the shape of the tea leaves

    Peek inside the teapot after the first brew. If the tea leaves have opened up fully, it means your first brew was a bit too long. This extra time often makes more a bitter pot of tea, so be careful!

  • 2. Do not add new leaves to old

    When it comes time to replace the tea leaves, throw away the old ones. Never add new leaves overtop old ones, or the true flavor of your tea will be diluted.

  • 3. Completely empty the pot

    Pour the tea out to the last drop. This way the flavor will be retained for a second and third brew.

  • 4. Make the second brew soon after the first

    A second brew should be made shortly after the first. Do not let the used tea leaves sit in the pot for long periods of time before making a second and a third brew.

  • 5. Keep tea leaves in an inappropriate storage place

    tea leaves absorb the smell of other things easily, so you need to take great care to keep them properly stored. Unopened packages should be kept in the freezer and not be opened before they have been out of the freezer long enough to be warmed up to room temperature. Once opened, they should be put in an airtight container and kept in the refrigerator.

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